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Minamino Laboratory @ Yokohama National University (YNU) is exploring the fundamental laws governing the universe through particle physics experiments focusing on neutrino research.

To students considering to go to graduate school

I am recuruting master's and doctoral graduate studetns.
The application deadline for admission in October 2019 or April 2020 is June 13th, 2019.
For details, please contact me by e-mail, minamino-akihiro-nx[at] .
Unfortunately, most of the contents in Yokohama National University entrance examination information are written in Japanease...

Latest News

2023.2  thesis are updated.

2022.4  Members are updated.

2021.4  Members are updated.

2021.3.25  Serina Suzuki won the poster award.

2021.3  thesis are updated.

2019.5.22  Members are updated.

Other News